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We are team of Management Consulting and Accounting Services


PROTERRA offers the following services

Corporation (Private & Public)

• General Bookkeeping
- Accounts Receivable Maintenance
- Accounts Payable Maintenance
- General Ledger Maintenance
- Accounts Reconciliation
• Government Reporting
- HST/PST Transition
- Payroll Source Remittance
- T4, T5, Summary and Other Tax Slips Preparation
- Record of Employment
- WCB Registration and Filing
• Inventory – Job Costing
• Cash Flow Projection
• Fiscal Year End Closing
- Financial Reporting
- Audit File Preparation and Co
• T2 Tax Preparation

Individual & Sole Proprietorship

- Income Tax Return (T1)
- Employment Income
- Property Income
- Rental Income
- Business Income
- Investment Income
- Tax Assessment Review
- Non Resident NR4

Management & Consulting

- Business and General Consulting
- Audit File Preparation and Co- ordination
- CFO Services/Assistance Quarterly Report Management Discussion and Analysis ("MD&A") and Financials Statements in Compliance with NI51-102F1
- New Business Startup Assistance for Private, CPC and Public
- Business Evaluation
- Real Estate and Property Management

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